So you want to go on a road trip but really don’t want to put on all those extra miles on your car. Why not rent a car? When planning any type of travel there are many ways to get to your destination. You can take a plane, a train, or an automobile. These are all good ways to get to your destination. So what are the advantages to renting a car you may ask? The answer is plenty. Let’s take a look at how renting a car differs from other modes of transportation to get to your destination.

They say planes are the safest mode of transportation that might be true but… When traveling on a plane you’re at your destination within a matter of hours. You miss out on everything in between. You miss out of the scenery, the back roads that make this country a wonderful place. Flying in an airplane is expensive. You spend so much more money on tickets and baggage that you’re almost broke by the time you get to where you’re going. Once you get to the airport you have to go through security which we all know can be a hassle. Then you have to wait for your bags and hope they didn’t get lost. Most likely the next step would be to rent a car anyway. Who needs all that hassle?

Now let’s consider taking the train. For the most part this is about the same experience has taking a plane. The train might offer more of the scenic route but most of the time you will be travelling through the backwoods without many things to see. Train might offer one or two meals but these meals might be frozen or cooked in mass to feed the entire train. The meal you are served might not be to your liking.

We all remember being in college or as a child and taking a road trip. We have fond memories of the family packing up and going to some far off destination. As children we never wanted to go and sit in a car for hours so we complained almost the entire way. Now as adults we look back on those trips as close family times. We laugh and laugh about stories that were made on different parts of our journey. We look back on these trips as have the yearning to take our kids or just to take ourselves for one more road trip.

When we finally decide we are ready to hit the road again we remember that our car as a ton of miles on it and think we can’t afford to put more miles on it. We have a payment or its getting old and just can’t handle the trip. We want to get back on the road and create more memories for our kids but just don’t think the ole car can take it.

It’s time to rent a car. If we do our research we know we can find an affordable car that will fit perfectly into our budget. We can save money to hit all those roadside eateries and weird places we remember seeing as a kid. So grab a cheap rent a car and hit the road and start making memories all over again.