First off, congratulations on the upcoming wedding day. It and the build-up will be one of the momentous occasions in your life, full of anticipation, happiness, and a little bit of stress. One way you can reduce the worry is to use Worcester rental cars to keep your wedding party together or for travel.

Concerned about the participants of your bachelor or bachelorette party getting lost or being late to the party? Or worse yet, do you want them to prevent them from driving home drunk without sounding like a nagging parent? Then rent one or more of our Ford 15-passenger vans. Appoint a friend to be designated driver, and pay for his or her festivities in exchange, assuming he or she doesn’t volunteer to drive to contribute to your joy. You can arrange to pick up and drop off everyone at their homes, so you can keep track of your friends’ locations before, during, and after the party.

Use the same vehicle for your wedding rehearsal. You don’t need to be worrying where everyone is when you’re practicing for your big day.

During the wedding, keep the bridal party, families, and groomsmen together by using our big van, or our Ford Freestar, which holds seven. If parking at your wedding venue is either expensive or non-existent, have the wedding guests congregate at a nearby free parking lot, such as at a mall or shopping center and then shuttle them to both wedding and the reception. (Don’t forget to ask permission from the lot owner. They may be more amenable if you register your wedding at the store served by the lot.)

Going on a road trip for your honeymoon? Save wear and tear on the old jalopy by renting one a Chevy Malibu or Ford Taurus. You won’t have to worry about maintenance or repair problems.

Need more information on how we can help with your wedding travel plans? Or do you want to reserve a rental for your big day? Contact us to learn more today.