When you are renting a car in and around the Sutton, Webster, and Millbury area or any other Massachusetts destination in your travels there are fees and taxes that you simply can’t avoid. Other charges you can decrease or avoid all together if you plan ahead.

Wondering how to avoid hidden auto rental fees altogether? Here are the top five hidden rental fees so you can plan ahead, make note and avoid them.

  • Frequent Flyer Fees

There are many different ways that you can earn frequent flyer miles, including renting a car on your trip. Because so many consumers are using this method to save for that next vacation to Hawaii, car rental agencies are charging extra for this option.

One option you have to avoid this hidden fee is to work with a rental agency whether it’s in Charlton, Spencer or even Thompson CT that doesn’t charge extra for frequent flyer miles. Since major rental companies have this hidden fee, you may want to book with a small local auto rental agency.

  • Early Return Fee

Some companies will charge you a penalty if you turn your car in early. This fee will often negate any discount you received for renting the car on multiple days. When you rent a car, make sure you don’t return the car late or too early to receive the discounts you planned on when you booked the rental.

  • Stadium Tax

This tax is charged by counties in some areas. Often if you visit a city with a well-known sports team or popular arena, you may be charged this tax. You may not be planning to see the Cowboys play or the latest Beyoncé concert during your vacation, but you are still paying for the opportunity. Find out about this tax before you rent your next car.

  • Low Fuel Fee

Did you know that car rental agencies will charge you if you don’t return the vehicle with a full tank of gas? Not all agencies are upfront about this fee. Make sure you understand their requirements regarding fueling your vehicle. Some agencies even assist companies by putting a diagram of the fuel gauge in the contract. This diagram will tell you how many gallons you need to add when the fuel gauge is at ¾, ½ or ¼ full.

  • Penalty for Young Drivers

If you are looking to rent a car for your daughter’s prom or your college student’s spring break trip you may pay an extra fee. Most auto rental locations will charge a fee if the driver of the vehicle is under 25. If you have a young driver, you may want to rent the car and drive it yourself or rent a limo instead for the senior prom.

If you want to be able to save money when you rent a car you need to be aware of all charges upfront. Avoid being surprised by hidden fees by understanding the policies a rental agency has about early return, low fuel return, young drivers and frequent flyer miles. Then you can make an informed decision when you rent a vehicle for your next trip. So no matter if you live in Grafton, Uxbridge, or Leicester Massachusetts contact us for all your rental card needs.