How to Deal with Hidden Auto Rental Fees

  • Posted on: 16 Jan 2015

When you are renting a car in and around the Sutton, Webster, and Millbury area or any other Massachusetts destination in your travels there are fees and taxes that you simply can’t avoid. Other charges you can decrease or avoid all together if you plan ahead. Wondering how to avoid hidden auto rental fees altogether? …Read More

Planning Ahead for 2015 Car Rental Savings

  • Posted on: 09 Jan 2015

A new year brings with it new vacations, business trips and special events. If you are planning to rent a car in 2015 for business or personal use, start planning now to save money. Multi Car Discount Do you own a small business? Do you take many business trips and rent cars often? Then perhaps …Read More

A Rental Car Can Help Save You Money on Vacation

  • Posted on: 02 Jan 2015

If you are planning a vacation with your family in the Central MA area, you need to include a rental car. By being a little creative, affordable trips are easy even for large families. Renting a vehicle during your trip will give you flexibility and cut costs while allowing you to spend money where you …Read More

Why Renting a Car from Worcester Airport Makes Sense (cents!)

  • Posted on: 26 Dec 2014

Why should you rent a car from the Worcester Airport? It just takes sense or is that cents? When you fly into Worcester Airport you really just want to get in your car and head for the hotel. With flights on Jet Blue airlines now flying into Worcester daily it is even easier to fly …Read More

Road Trip? A Rental Car is the best way to go

  • Posted on: 19 Dec 2014

So you want to go on a road trip but really don’t want to put on all those extra miles on your car. Why not rent a car? When planning any type of travel there are many ways to get to your destination. You can take a plane, a train, or an automobile. These are …Read More

Going on a Business Trip to Worcester?

  • Posted on: 12 Dec 2014

Do you have a business trip to Worcester planned soon? Are you looking for a great cheap rental car that won’t break your budget? Look no further than Auto Rentals Made Easy, for your one stop rental car. For all your business or personal travels into Worcester, Auto Rentals Made Easy will get you in …Read More

Leaving on a Jet Plane? Learn more about Auto Rentals at Worcester Airport

  • Posted on: 05 Dec 2014

Worcester Airport, the central hub for all flights in and out of Worcester Massachusetts, a convenient location for local business professionals and snow birds alike! Looking for a short term auto rental? Let us share with you our top 5 reasons why you should consider a local and inexpensive auto rental company for your next trip.